Owning a car may appear to be a necessity, but it’s a true luxury—an expensive luxury at that. If you are  considering moving to a new city, where you could sell your car for a more financially and environmentally sound lifestyle, consider one of these!

San Jose. Our countdown starts off in the Bay Area. Close to tech hub Silicon Valley, San Jose is accessible to over 200,000 jobs with its reliable DASH shuttle.  A compact city with virtually no hills or other restrictions makes this part of California a public transportation paradise.

Denver. While Denver may be known for its snow and recreational activities, its transportation system deserves a couple of accolades. The expanding light rail and bus system helps employees get from Point A to Point B with little complaint.

Seattle. A mecca for environmentally-friendly patrons and companies, Seattle offers plenty of accommodations for the carless. The Link Light Rail runs almost 24 hour a day and the coffee-fanatic city has dozens of bicycle-friendly routes.

Philadelphia. With endless options in a city filled with cheesesteaks and the Eagles, Philly transports passengers on the SEPTA public transit system. Used by suburbanites and city slickers alike, the rail lines make traveling much easier.

Boston. Ranking third in the country for employment (Yeah, Boston!), the city has almost just as many options for transportation.  “One in particular is their subway system. The T encompasses three high-speed subway lines (the Red, Orange, Blue and Silver lines) and two trolley lines.”

Chicago. The Windy City is a gold mine for commuters. You can see a play downtown and easily transit to Chicago Stadium with the options provided by the Chicago Transit Authority. Here you can even find helpful trip planners.

Washington DC. Catering to the millions of professional residents, DC has an impeccable MetroRail system designed to alleviate stress and missed exits, “Large and helpful rail system and street maps are posted at each station, which makes navigation easy even for first-time visitors.”

San Francisco. San Francisco has useful accommodations tailor to all lifestyles. A popular option is biking, and patrons take the world-famous trolleys.

New York. The Big Apple takes the cake, and that likely comes as no surprise. Travel between various neighborhoods and boroughs by car, foot or the subway. In a city that never sleeps, its restless 20 million population hails taxis and trains to save time, gas and money.

If you are interested in saving some money on gas and car expenses by utilizing public transportation, carpooling, biking or walking consider selling your car to Copart Direct!  Contact us today at 877-885-9995 for a free offer!